Share beautiful music videos.

Vimies is an award winning music video app for iPhone. 
Create 15 seconds music videos thanks to a unique integration of the SoundCloud API. You can share your music videos in public, or send them privately to your friends.

  1. Pick a sound on SoundCloud;
  2. Hold to record your music video (just like Vine) while the music is playing;
  3. Share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or send it privately.

It’s straightforward, intuitive and very addictive.

With the Vimies iPhone App, anyone can create beautiful mobile videos with ease.

And it gets better:

  • Music fans can use Vimies to share their discoveries in a fun and innovative way;
  • SoundCloud artists can use Vimies to promote their music with the most efficient medium there is.

Logo by Playground Paris.

Awards & References:

  • Bouygues Telecom 4G Challenge
  • Orange 4G Challenge
  • MipCube Lab
  • Grands Prix de l'innovation de la ville de Paris
  • Oseo
  • Scientipôle

Skills involved:

  • Design & Art Direction: Brand Identity, Mobile strategy & design, User experience.
  • Technology & Web development: AWS Cloud architecture, Symfony2 backend, Objective-C native development.
  • Growth hacking: +300,000 impressions on Facebook within the first month with absolutely no marketing budget at all.